Hey Diddle Diddle

the Intimidatee's lament

After leaving Oriador with their new cohort, hired muscle, “Chokioux Forceblade” the spellsword, the party is on its’ way to Giat Cartref, the Capitol of Genedal. After a confrontation with soldiers of the Zeme Republic which did not end in bloodshed, the group managed to enter Genedal and deliver the Elvish Slabs. They were then sent to disrupt a solucian embargo. Soon enough, the party encountered a settlement of Tieflings and Devas who revelled in drink, music, and anarchy. Songs were sung, and riddles were told. Warnings of “Danwynn the Owlbear” were well-founded, and he and his perplexingly anatomized beasts fell to the blows



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