The Masked Man

time to face fears

Guards at an excavation, our heroes are party to the discovery of an elvish tablet of unknown power. After an attack by mysterious satyrs who wore strange masks and seemed to have magical diseases, most of the excavation party was killed, excepting our heroes and two excavators, a tiefling and a kenku. The tiefling, Laia, promised to petition the Oriadan government to reward our heroes for the return of the tablet, which had been stolen during the fight.
After following a Humans’ tracks, they found a small fort guarded by two more satyrs who begged for a release from their diseases. Inside the fort, the heroes snuck into a room where a pale, four-armed creature was creating the masks worn by all the satyrs. When discovered, the creature attempted to shove a mask onto Yyrch, who killed it.
In a dining hall, our heroes found the mastermind of the masks, who claimed to be over a century old as well as the owner of the tablet. After it was revealed that the masks controlled those who wore them in exchange for immunity to death from diseases, the situation escalated to a point where confrontation seemed inevitable.



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