Satyr Ardent


Name: Mackendale
Satyr Ardent
Chaotic Good.

Str – 8
Con – 16
Dex – 10
Int – 14
Wis – 14
Cha – 18

TRAINED SKILLS (Includes Armour Penalty)
Arcane +8, Athletics +5, Endurance +8, Heal +8, Insight +8

Ardent: Mantle of Clarity Chosen

At Will Powers:
Level 1
- Demoralizing Strike
- Energizing Strike

Level 3
- Cloud Mind

Daily Powers
Level 1
- Implanted Suggestion

Level 2
- Satyr’s Leap

Multi Class Daily
- Augury (Multi-Class Witch)

Level 1: Witchcraft Initiate
Level 2: Beguiling Enchantment

Longsword, Chainmail, Adventurer’s Kit, Climber’s Kit


Mackendale desires to make things “right” for the world, no matter what it takes. However, he may be considered True Neutral since he’s acting more out of selfishness than out of the goodness of his heart. He feels peoples pain and grief – something he has issues embracing.

Still a mischevious infant when his people migrated to the new planet, Mackendale new scants of witchcraft and spent time trying to read visions of the future for the world. Being an environment far different than the Feywild, he grew up to be far scrawnier than the typical Satyr and only practiced his enchantments. More often than not, Mackendale would even practice his natural enchantments on the dire visions he viewd and attempt to alter them to his pleasing. Despite the failure of these attempts, Mackendale began to react more intensely each time he tried to read the future.

Eventually spending more time and going out into the world on long journeys to view the newly established civilizations, Mackendale slowly gained popularity as a mystic. Although his visions were made, he slowly began to make accurate predictions. However, many of these visions required intense focus on interpretation and more often than not, the young Satyr was exposed to rather intense emotional displays from his customers.

As his journeys continued with him learning to use a sword and travel long distances across difficult terrain, Mackendale kept up the feeble act of trying to alter his readings of the future and others emotions. Interestingly, he slowly became popular with many Deva families, for their detachment from divinity made them unwary. Although vague, Mackendale was regarded as accurate to some extent. Though, as time went on and Mackendale kept trying to read the futures of these newly mortal beings, the Satyr saw some of the most extreme emotions from these Devas. Death was now permanent, mortal breeding was an alien concept…. The emotional reactions of these Devas slowly overtook Mackendale’s psyche. Many individuals began to feel helpless, upset at a different lifestyle their unprepared for and then to have the future predicted for them in ways that were not a return to the old world only added to Mackendale’s grief.

Trying to adapt to the reactions of others, Mackendale would make regular visits back to his Satyr clan who also began to become slowly stressed. Being a race of only males who typically mate with nymphs, there was no known way to continue the Satyr race. The Satyrs spent time enchanting each other in attempt to calm each other down. Then one day, the Satyrs asked Mackendale to produce an image of what the future of the Satyr race may be.

Unsure of the image, Mackendale was unable to decipher it. A few irate Satyrs believed they could “assist” him by enchanting him to become more powerful. At that very moment, Mackendale began to have intense emotions about the future of the world, having seen everything from extreme wonderment to utter disgust from Devas at learning basic biological functions. These enchantments did nothing but intensify these emotions until Mackendale began to simply stand up and calm everyone down. With their senses of the environment becoming stronger, the Satyrs only raised eyebrows in wonderment at Mackendale.

Once departed from the clan, Mackendale began to notice that general empathy became much more. Feeling every emotion of those he passed by, even the feeling of sickness and death, his natural magic began to surge to something more. And this truly was demonstrated during a trip to a Deva family who had a mother about to die after given birth. Suddenly losing his temper at the grief he saw, Mackendale’s anger suddenly healed the new mother and allowed her to live. And then this Satyr was seen as more than just a wandering mystic: he was almost seen as a saviour.

As time passed on, others fear and worries began to wear down his mind. And the only way to give himself mental relief was to remove their fear. The best way to remove fear? Start making the new world more civilized for society! Killing them all would be bad as he could feel more intense emotions from the dying and that made him sad. That’s not what he likes!

Now seen as a determined, if not hyperactive, war leader, Mackendale wanders from conflict to expedition to war, reading the signs of the future and using that vague notion to find a way to ensure happiness for everyone. Some groups have feared his involvement in huge battles for when too many emotions arise, Mackendale is able to manipulate them, giving people nightmares or befuddling their minds while calming his allies.

Character’s Goal – Essentially, find a good balance of emotions in the world that pleases himself. Some of the extreme reactions are those he disapproves of and will find ways to make life more comfortable for those not prepared for it. Of particular note, if he could find a new female race similar to nymphs for Satyrs to breed with, then Mackendale’s mind will be more pleased.


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