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The Curtain Rises
Before the Beginning

It is a time of wars, not only of arms but of thoughts. The gods cannot help in this this world, and no mortal has the answer as to why.

It is a time before a hero is born. The Zeme Republic seizes more and more land, while the lands of Genedal stagnate and become bureaucracies.

It is a time of strife, as these nations begin preparations. Their gears shake off rust of well-meaning as they grind forward into the conflict to form a Sovereign.

The Masked Man
time to face fears

Guards at an excavation, our heroes are party to the discovery of an elvish tablet of unknown power. After an attack by mysterious satyrs who wore strange masks and seemed to have magical diseases, most of the excavation party was killed, excepting our heroes and two excavators, a tiefling and a kenku. The tiefling, Laia, promised to petition the Oriadan government to reward our heroes for the return of the tablet, which had been stolen during the fight.
After following a Humans’ tracks, they found a small fort guarded by two more satyrs who begged for a release from their diseases. Inside the fort, the heroes snuck into a room where a pale, four-armed creature was creating the masks worn by all the satyrs. When discovered, the creature attempted to shove a mask onto Yyrch, who killed it.
In a dining hall, our heroes found the mastermind of the masks, who claimed to be over a century old as well as the owner of the tablet. After it was revealed that the masks controlled those who wore them in exchange for immunity to death from diseases, the situation escalated to a point where confrontation seemed inevitable.

We are the D
On to Genedal

After a battle with the masked one, christened “D”, The gang managed to defeat him and end his threat once and for all. Finding the tablet, gold, and a strange amulet, they made camp before returning to Oriador. At the capitol, they met Laia yet again before they became a task-force to protect and learn about the tablet. They prepared to continue on to Genedal.

Hey Diddle Diddle
the Intimidatee's lament
After leaving Oriador with their new cohort, hired muscle, “Chokioux Forceblade” the spellsword, the party is on its’ way to Giat Cartref, the Capitol of Genedal. After a confrontation with soldiers of the Zeme Republic which did not end in bloodshed, the group managed to enter Genedal and deliver the Elvish Slabs. They were then sent to disrupt a solucian embargo. Soon enough, the party encountered a settlement of Tieflings and Devas who revelled in drink, music, and anarchy. Songs were sung, and riddles were told. Warnings of “Danwynn the Owlbear” were well-founded, and he and his perplexingly anatomized beasts fell to the blows
The Festival
To be Oneself one must be no one

A visit to the town of Blisy proved dangerous. The towns’ yearly festival appeared to have ties to the masked sorcerer the party had encountered. Soon enough, an old party member, Mackendale, revealed his lot with D. An encounter with him outside of Chard and Ri’s shop led to his apparent death.

War and Whiskey

A visit to a town proves complicating when Morthos disappears, the party gets into a bar-fight with a deformed human, and Widerstreian soldiers come knocking, with the masked D, apparently back from the dead. The deformed human appears to be part of a cell undermining Widerstreit’s operations in the town. Explosions rock the town and a fight breaks out in Chard and Ri’s bar, wherein Chard is enmasked and escapes. It seems the scaled Jhoon will join the party.


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