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NOTE: Some countries have hostile policies against gnolls, due to their involvement in the crisis that led to the destruction of the original plane.

The Zeme Republic-
The Zeme Republic is a father-knows-best oligarchical state in the northern region of the Continent. The State is concerned primarily with military and welfare expenditures, and enjoys the creation of small colonies around the Continent, which has earned the chagrin of its’ neighbors. As a way to decrease crime, Gnolls must carry official licenses at all times. The king, Somats Naras, has ruled for several decades after the previous ruler died, and has taken a hardline approach against gnolls, held to be partially responsible for their involvement during the Portal Crisis a century ago. An official statement of the government has been made famous as a summary of the states’ policy; “No being should be allowed to be harmful, even to themselves.” Accordingly, all government officials are selected by the state, and nepotism is punishable by death.The capitol city of Domaportum is a center of industry and economics, though no one mentions the large castle visible from any roof in the city, nor its’ extensive dungeon complex.

“All for All” This is the official motto of the Democratic land of Genedal. Genedalian governance is mostly about ensuring that the population has all it needs and using the rest in the best way the government believes. Genedal has taken pains to ensure that it does not become too involved in hostile actions with other countries, as to do so is seen as unhealthy for the state. Further, Genedals’ Capitol City Giat Cartref is home to the portal from which all life on the Continent sprang, and to put the city in danger is automatically unpopular. Another perceived threat to the state is the presence of gnolls. Almost no gnolls live in Genedal consequentially, and the majority of the race in the country at any given time are agents from other governments. The head-of-state in Genedal is Harbinger Aelhaern, who is almost entirely subservient to his Senate of Twenty-Eight. Harbinger is a lifelong office determined by general election. The large governing structure of Genedal affords many political rights to its’ citizens, though property and other rights are less protected, which has earned small resentment from its’ citizens.

This new government is based on the concept that workers know best how to govern their industry, and is a collection of guilds with one governing guild directing them. In theory, citizens are working in self-interest and that of their immediate community, and are motivated to be of use. The government has become a haven for gnolls, who adapt easily to this country’s style of leadership.A current Guild Administrator, panovník, has been temporarily appointed until the government can be fully established. Rights in Cechove are highly prized, and the government does its’ best to stay out of the business of their citizens so long as their citizens have business. Despite the economic slump of new statehood, freshly minted currency, and a war of separation in the western region of Cechove, the state is beloved by its’ citizens. The Capitol Jednat has been the source of many political rumours.

Unsettled land-
The Continent is young. Explorers of the last century have not yet filled in all the blank spots on the map. The wilderness of the Continent is dangerous, and many social rejects use it as their perverse playgrounds, centers of doomed revolutions, and laboratories for unsavory experiments.

The brutal state of Widerstreit combines the worst aspects of totalitarianism with tribal brutalism. Outsiders are regarded with suspicion and resistance is met with lethal force. Essentially the only ways in which rights can be said to exit in the country is that gnolls are not discriminated against and anyone is free to take from others if they can, so long as they do not interfere with the government. The PR of Widerstreit is usually tied to its’ economy, which is currently booming. The “Chief”, Herrscher, ruling from state capitol Endgultig ensures with his covert police force that his dissenters do not dissent again.

The idealist nation of Solucio is governed exclusively by experts and the idea that things are objectively right or wrong, and general opinion does not enter into it. Further, Solucio is dedicated to its’ perceived exaltedness. All business is Solucion business, and it attempts to intervene in many international affairs. The state is almost aggressively pro-gnoll, and Captain sobirà Finàl has recently cited this as reason for increased hostilities with many of its’ neighbors. Rights in Solucio are never amended and they like it that way. The citizenry, from inhabitants of Capitol city Ciutatdor, to the smallest thorp have a near fanatical dedication to the cause.

Many nations attempt to be the nation of the future, but Oriador is a nation steeped in the past. The small government spends almost all of it’s resources excavating and studying the world left behind in the portal. “Leader” soberano, said to be the smartest being on the Continent, ensures that almost all progress in the state is undertaken by its’ people, without help from any national agency. Oriadorian citizens prefer this Laisez Faire style. The Capitol, Pasado, is known for is bizarre architecture.

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